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Would you like to guess where this scam comes from?  It claims to be “meant for Canadian and Usa Residents Only” and claims to come from the UK.

It was sent from Beijing in China.

Winchcombe Joinery are a LEGITIMATE company.  This email DID NOT COME FROM THEM.

This email is from a scammer who wants to try and pull the classic payment processor scam.  Ignore him or her otherwise you will find yourself losing thousands of dollars to this scammer who will claim to send you money and then ask you to forward it to an accomplice.  Leaving you out of pocket when the original payment to you is withdrawn as fraudulent.

Winchcombe Design Joinery Ltd
Winchcombe farm,
RG7 6SN,Uk.

Would you like to Represent Winchcombe Design Joinery from the internet and get paid Monthly?
We are glad to offer you a position at Fabric Land Ltd.

If interested reply with your information to

N.B: Send all mails to for fast correspondence from us.

Advert Dept/
Winchcombe Design Ltd

N.B: This Advert is only meant for Canadian and Usa Residents Only.

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  1. Reply Brian Jul 13,2012 1:46 pm

    Anybody have further experiences and insights to add?

    I received the same email as you did, Karen; and one bizarre thing leading to another bizarre thing and I now have a sizable sum of funds in my bank account that have been cleared and I am now expected to begin to disperse …

    Is this indeed a scam and have I indeed been scammed and am now some complicit accomplice?

  2. Reply Karen Jan 26,2012 6:41 am

    I got the same email in my spam folder but was for the Joinery company. I asked for more info and this is the reply I got:

    Winchcombe Design Joinery
    Winchcombe farm,
    RG7 6SN

    More Information about Winchcombe Design Joinery .Do Re-Confirm your Interest


    Thank you very much for the interest shown ,but before we commence I will want you that Winchcombe Design Joinery are a small company in Berkshire, who are highly specialized in hand built staircases and cabinet making. They pride themselves on quality and attention to detail. Their experienced joiners aim to deliver only the very best result and provide high-quality customer satisfaction.Winchcombe Design Joinery specializes in high-end joinery, manufacturing a comprehensive range of cabinet and kitchen work, bespoke joinery and staircases; featuring curved handrails, helix staircases and all the client’s joinery needs.

    Winchcombe Design Joinery’s curved handrails are all hand carved to very precise designs and measurements creating geometric curves only achievable when handmade. Because their quality timber staircases are handmade, they are able to offer a wide range of designs.

    The products are designed for the home or workplace and built to the highest standard. The products are manufactured in their workshop located in Bucklebury, with delivery and fitting available throughout Southern England (including CANADA).

    We have decided on this because we have been having a lot of problems handling business from other part of the world for lack of proper representation.You are to handle all payments and funds concerning Winchcombe Design Joinery in your region. You will be working as Winchcombe Design Joinery REGIONAL ONLINE AGENT and some of our clients in your region will pay through you to us. All our CANADA clients will pay through you to us,because of the distance in receiving customers out of state payment and long period in processing them.we will be needing you to fasten payment procedures since our clients in your region who contact you via online and can pay to you which you will process before remitting back to Winchcombe Design Joinery . For further correspondence on this project keep close contact via email with us.

    Subject to your satisfaction, we will agree to pay you monthly of $5,000 CAD after you have started work. I just want to let you know that your contact details will be needed for application process so that the company can commence on the transaction by forwarding down to the company accounts department of the company for records purposes as the company Online payment receiving officer in CANADA.

    Do send to this office complete and correct contact details.


    We await your urgent Response to this mail so that you can start work with Winchcombe Design Joinery as soon as Possible

    Mrs Lorie Oshio

    Commercial Department


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