Another Victim's Tale 3

This was left as a comment on the “Job Offer” by the Beijing Richman Int Trade Company post.  Sadly this victim learnt the hard way.  This seems to work like the “hotel phishing” scams.  The scammers appear to pay you.  You transfer money to a third party.  The original payment to you is then cancelled (often because it was made using  a stolen credit card).  You are then left in debt because you have paid the third party. 

I fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for it.They transfer money,as soon as it has been paid to them they recall the payment and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!Police can’t help me,my bank either.I now have to repay the bank £1000 because I was an idiot and believed something that sounded brilliant really was,when actually its a pile of rubbish.Don’t be as dull as me..delete it or report it.

3 thoughts on “Another Victim's Tale

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  2. Reply Gill Pelling Feb 15,2009 11:12 pm

    I get these all the time, always ignore them, but is there any way I can get my email address removed from any mailing lists these people have?

  3. Reply Linda DePeel Feb 10,2009 9:15 pm

    I’m really sorry that you got burned. One of the things (besides being the all-American Skeptic & Doubting Thomas) that I look for is the grammatical format and spelling. Then I ask myself if it sounds too good to be true. Usually it is.

    Too bad there wasn’t a way to get your money back and throw these spammers in jail for good! Unfortunately, we haven’t morphed enough for that yet, and even if it were possible, there aren’t enough police, courts and prisons for these lowlifes.


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