Attn My Beloved 3

A reader nearly fell for this scam (original entry here).  This comment was left on the original blog entry.  I’ve reproduced it as a warning to others.

She almost got me she wanted me to pay 1681.71 i reserched he name on the net and found this.but now i am scared because i gave them my picture and my address if any one Knows what I should do please email me at (email address removed for privacy) this will be greatly appreiciated thank you

And this was what I said on the original entry:

“Mrs Paul doesn’t want to give you money and she certainly isn’t dying.  Whoever she is, she’s alive and well and hoping you will fall for her little scam and send her your money by way of advance fees.”

3 thoughts on “Attn My Beloved

  1. Reply rosetrees Nov 28,2009 5:54 pm

    Michael – nobody you don’t know or aren’t closely related to is going to leave you millions of dollars out of the blue. This scam has nothing to do with Royal Bank of Scotland – that’s just a name the scammer used to add fake credibility. And you discovered exactly how these scammers operate – they start asking you for money for fees, etc.

  2. Reply michael debatto Nov 28,2009 2:45 pm

    I was almost -I believe-scammed by “The Royal Bank of Scotland” in conjunction w/Barr.Denise Lopez in GB. They baited me w/Dormant Account, need Next-of-Kin to come forward to claim this money left by “Frederick Debatto-Woods”, 8.2 million $. At the last moment before the “Transfer” to my account in U.S. is about to take place, they come up w/two more documents I need obtain AND 820 Pounds I need pay to Re-Activate THAT Account so they can send it TO MY ACCOUNT. I Blew-Up, Froze my Account(only $10.00 in it) and reported them to my bank, who is changing my account Number on Monday…I researched “RSB” as well as Mrs Denise Lopez(Barrister) on Your site, Yahoo, and with NM Atty. Gen Office-NOTHING, no complaints or anything Bad…..Is THIS a True Scam, or did I Blow $8.2 Million $?

  3. Reply Linda DePeel Jan 24,2009 11:07 pm

    These boo-hoo spams are bar-none the most disgusting of any kind of spam. They try to play on your emotions, and I’m very thankful that I am a hard-nosed, paranoid skeptic! If you get these, don’t even bother reading them. Delete them, especially if you’ve got a soft heart!


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