A reader forwarded me this scam as he was concerned that it looks legitimate and wants to warn readers not to be taken in by this scammer.

How can we tell it is a scam?

1) Look at the phone number.  It’s a mobile phone number – a real Lloyds TSB communication would include a landline number.

2)  Look at the email address that this email came from and that you are being asked to reply to – lloydstsbacctoffice@gmail.com.  A real Lloyds TSB communication would come from an email address associated with their website.

3) What information do the scammers ask for?  A copy of your passport, drivers license or identity card.  I feel a case of identity fraud coming on here.

If you reply to this scammer, I’m sure you will find yourself being asked to send money for fees.

NEVER click on a link in, or reply to a bank email.  ALWAYS enter the address of your bank directly into your browser.  If you feel you may have fallen victim to a scam bank email – contact your bank IMMEDIATELY.

See full size imageLloyds TSB Bank Plc.
404 Bethnal Green Road,
Bethnal Green,
London, E2 0AH.
Phone NO:+447035155458
Working Hours:

Our ref: UKLTSB/02-J/1065

Your ref: LTSBNS/46/47-0012

Your Name,

Thank you for contacting us at Lloyd’s Tsb Bank United Kingdom.

We have here lodged in our bank an amount of funds legally deposited by LG ELECTRONIC COMPANY with instruction to transfer to a new offshore account that might possibly be name with your said presentation., However this transfer is subject to final verification before we can initiate transfer.

To ensure a secure and safe transfer of the funds between both parties involved, we are to verify your personality and authenticity because Lloyd’s TSB Bank plc., will not be accountable to any lost there after.

*Please send to this office a copy of any of your valid identification as an email attachment for proof of personality ( Either a copy of your International passport, Drivers license or working Identity card, etc.)
*Also, send via email, your valid Fax number(s) (If available) and contact address(es)

As soon as we finalise verification and confirm OK., we will advise you further on wire details.

We look forward for your prompt response.

Yours in service,
Bryan D. Ellis
Account Officer In Charge,


  1. Reply merna Nov 1,2013 9:50 am

    i have encountered that kind of transaction from Lloyds TSB bank plc.

    i just want to know if i could be a victim of scammer..

    the account officer in charge in the bank sent me a beneficiary form…
    to be filled up and to send back to him..

    the Account Officer in the bank was given by my friend in FB to contact him to send the money to me. My friend in FB send me money and the Account officer responsible for transferring the money in my account. but the email above is also the same in the email he sent to me..

    but the phone number is not the same.. the Account officer sent me landline number instead that’s why i am confuse with that if its true or not.

  2. Reply Anonymous (edited by site owner) Oct 31,2010 1:25 pm

    My name is (removed for privacy). I was scammed out of about $10,000 over the Bryan Ellis scam you listed. In the next few weeks I am loosing my home over all the money I sent. I wish I had seen your blog sooner>


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