From Jennifer

By this scammer’s own admission she is an adult.  But she claims she is “now living as an orphan”.  All together now – aahhhh.

She doesn’t want to come to your country to continue her education and she isn’t going to give you 15% of anything.  What she wants is to get her hands on your money.  Most likely she will tell you she needs you to send her money for airfairs, or visas or whatever.  She’s a scammer.  Ignore the email and don’t reply.

From Jennifer
Dear, I am Jennifer Marisa from Ivory Coast ,20 years old and I have lost my parents and I am now living as an orphan seeking for your help to save. Please help me to invest the money my late father left for me and also help me come over to your country to continue my education. The money is $5.2million and it is still in the bank.I promise to give you 15%if you can help me.I will give you more details of the deposit as soon as I receive your reply.
jeniifer Marisa

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