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The New Year has started with gusto today.  I’ve had more scam lottery wins, inheritances, business proposals and bank scams than on any day since I started this blog (and its sister).  I’ve split them between the two blogs and this is still my sixth post here for today.  Slow down guys, I can’t keep up!

SSG Dewayne Pittman is, allegedly, a soldier on active service in Iraq.  He has, he tells me, “managed to secure funds from the war zone”.  He doesn’t say how.  You don’t suppose he’s been embezzling funds from the very people he was sent to protect, do you?  He hasn’t – simply because he doesn’t exist.  At least, not as a soldier serving in Iraq – or anywhere else.  He’s a scammer and his email was sent from Africa.   He doesn’t want to send you money, he wants to get his hands on yours.  He wants to charge you lots of fees for access to his non existent funds.

Just delete the email and don’t reply.

I am SSG Dewayne Pittman, an active American soldier serving in Iraq, I am serving in the military of the 1st Armored Division in Iraq, as our mission here is highly exclusive due to insurgents everyday and car bombs are attacking our peaceful mission here. We managed to secure funds from the war zone. The total amount is US$ 9 Million dollars in cash. We want to move this money out of this place,this place is a war zone, so that you may keep our share for us till when we will come over to meet you.We will take 70%, my partner and I.You take 30%. No strings attached, just help us move it out of Iraq, Iraq is a war zone. We plan on using diplomatic courier and shipping the money out in a large box, using diplomatic immunity. If you are interested I will send you the full details, my job is to find a good partner that we can trust and that will assist us. Can I trust you? When you receive this letter, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including your most confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication also your contact details. This business is risk free. The box can be shipped out in 48hrs if you want to handle the deal with us as brothers. Respectfully, SSG Dewayne Pittman

7 thoughts on “from SSG Dewayne Pittman

  1. Reply Jason Aug 30,2011 5:16 pm

    I just recieved an email from these guys but now they are in Lybia… OMG these guys.

  2. Reply Jenny Jun 13,2011 11:32 am

    yes this is two years later but he has started again June 2011, and the money has gone up to 23 million $. what a drop kick.

  3. Reply Frank Feb 10,2011 5:24 pm

    He wrote the second time to me today.

  4. Reply Elwood Dec 15,2010 1:25 am

    Yeah, he sent me one just today.

  5. Reply Thaddz Apr 24,2009 5:31 am

    I just got an email from him two days ago, and he’s asking me to buy a diplomatic yellow tag worth $450 dollars. Thanks a lot for the information. Is there any way we can stop this scammers?

  6. Reply Darrel Agpawa Jan 21,2009 8:59 pm

    I got the same email a couple of days ago. How can we stop people like these from ripping other people off? Is there any way our government or their government can do something about these scammers. I would think this is criminal activity and they should be arrested to be made an example out of.

  7. Reply Dianne Jan 13,2009 1:32 pm

    yup. Just got this email today. Gotta hand it to those ‘scammers’ in Africa. They sure are getting ‘creative’. I have a friend who just got back from serving in Iraq. I think using that as a ‘front’ is a new low for these scammers. But, than again, in these tough economic times, I guess it calls for tough measures, right?


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