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I can’t think of much to say about this pathetic scammer.  I don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of “Mrs Anna Kennedy” and if you do know someone of that name I’m sure you weren’t expecting a random email telling you to contact a barrister who couldn’t even tell you his address, his chambers, his country or even why he wants to hear from you.

I can tell you why he wants to hear from you.  He’s after your money.  If you make the mistake of replying the scammer will make up a story about how you were left money in a will – and all you have to do is send them money to pay fees.

Ignore this scammer.

I got this message from Mrs. Anna Kennedy as
at last two months, stating that you should
contact her lawyer.

Below are details for you to contact her

Name – Barrister Barney Gabriel Esquire.
Email –

Please don’t be angry for my late email
to you.

Thank you.
Dr. SH

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  1. Reply DATTTATRAY PURANDARE Nov 29,2012 9:18 am

    After sending our details.The barrister will inform me,The Mrs.Anna Kennedy is died,and I will need to fees and other charges.

  2. Reply DATTTATRAY PURANDARE Nov 29,2012 9:15 am

    Peace Be Unto you My Dear Friend,

    I Mrs Anna Kennedy and i am currently sending you this mail from my sick
    bed in the hospital. I know my message will come to you as a surprise. But
    don’t worry as i hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and
    confident that I am about to repose on you. I have to thank God this
    moment for his direction as regards this mission. God want me to complete
    this mission hence, I got your contact. I know you maybe wondering how I
    got your contact email.

    Actually when I heard from the doctor that my condition has become so
    critical, I had to reach out to a Christian sister, who assisted me in
    searching for your contact in order to help me utilize this wealth the way
    I am going to instruct herein, and even the sister that helped me in this
    regard doesn’t know the purpose for which I intend to use it I have prayed
    about it and it has been revealed to me that you can make judicious use of
    the resources for its intended purpose.

    My husband earned these funds, Ten Million Eight Hundred Thousands United
    State Dollars ($10,800,000.00 USD) but he died in a plane crash and left
    everything behind for me and I will join him soon due to my ill health.
    Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems I became barren. God
    has a reason for everything. I would want you to contact my lawyer; he
    will inform you on what to do. Contact him with the below details:

    Barrister Barney Gabriel

    Email: (
    Telephone: +447024026499

    Ensure to use a greater portion of the funds for its purpose in
    fulfillment of my last wish. Furthermore you will never have any problem
    with the law as you will only pay some amount to the government as tax and
    a minor percentage to settle the bill of the bank and the most major part
    you will use to bless God’s Children all over the world.

    You are blessed
    Mrs. Anna Kennedy.

  3. Reply D Laviano Nov 23,2011 9:48 am

    I also received emails from A Barney Gabriel Esq, claiming that a client of his Mrs Anna Kennedy had left a large sum of money to me. These emails were sent on Lawyer type official looking paper.
    This is his email


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