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Clearly these scammers think I’m daft.  They have picked the .com version of a domain that I own in the .info version.  The .com version they want to sell me for $99.97 is currently available from my own registrars for just $9.98.

This company is just a trying to frighten you into paying 10 times the real cost, for no good reason.  Ignore them.

We are selling the domain name domainfortesting.com. As the owner of domainfortesting.info if you would like the preferred .COM version we are making it available.

The one time cost is $99.97. This includes transfer of ownership to you and a full year of domain registration.

For details or to purchase go to:


This is a one time note. Unless you respond we will not contact you again.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

2 thoughts on “pdnames.com

  1. Reply Bill Jun 1,2011 9:22 am

    pdnames a good blokes, them and there kind keep sending me such notices. Bless there hearts, letting me know when a domain name i might what becomes avalable.

  2. Reply Royn Roivs Apr 21,2011 9:39 pm

    Also got the same sort of email from pdnames.com. They are indeed scammers. I was able to register the .com domain for the regular fee with my registrar.


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