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Only $500k???? I don’t get out of bed for less than $20m these days. ¬†Sorrrrrry – go and try to scam someone else, you meanie!


The United Nations and representative of staffs have had several meetings and have concluded that scam victims and foreign contractors that have not received their contract sum due to various international laws etc. Should be compensated with the sum of 500,000 U.S.D (Five hundred thousand United State Dollars Only).

You have received this email because we found your email address in our list. Send the below information to Mr.GODWIN EMEFIELY of Zenith Bank for your immediate payment

Send your


TO Mr.GODWIN EMEFIELY at his email address:

Inform us when you have been paid your money.
Making the world a better place.
Mr. Ban Ki Moon
(U.N Secretary General)

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  1. Reply Dan Apr 8,2012 5:56 pm

    I just got one of these today and asked myself why would the UN Secretary General be giving me $500,000 US dollars? This has SCAM written all over it. The email asks me to send my full name, full address, MOBILE phone number, and my occupation to a Mr. Godwin Emefiely (obviously a randomly picked name), and then it says “Making the world a better place”. If you wanted to make the world a better place for me, stop sending me SPAM! I don’t get sucked into these emails easily, but unforunately so many others do and end up with nothing. I pity those people. Granted I am in the area of SPAM and scams and I can easily recognize this type of email.


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