RE: Qualification number: CEF-080-2998-2996 1

This email claims to come from “eglise catholique”.  My basic French is just good enough to tell me that means “Catholic Church”.  Why on earth would they email to tell me I’ve won a postcode lottery.  I’m sure you can see what a ridiculous scam this is.

All the scammer wants is your money.  Which he will start asking you to send him if you make the mistake of replying.  The address given seems to be empty offices.  Maybe the scammer somehow has access to the building to get the post.

Activate your FREE GOLDEN TICKET to be in the New Year Eglise Postcode Million Lottery.
For every Golden Ticket activated, Eglise Post Code Lottery will give 40 pence to charity and 16,000.00 GBP to you before the 17th of January 2012.

To redeem your Golden Ticket, send in the following:

Your Postal Code:
Your Full Names:
Your Mobile Number:

Your activation fee of 175.00 GBP payable to Eglise Postcode Lottery, Postcode Lottery Ltd, 37 Sheen Road,Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AJ
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One comment on “RE: Qualification number: CEF-080-2998-2996

  1. Reply Maria McMahon Jan 10,2012 2:02 pm

    Hello, as a representative of People’s Postcode Lottery, I would like to take this opportunity to clarify that the above ‘promotion’ is in no way related to People’s Postcode Lottery, and should be treated with caution.

    Anyone who has any questions regarding the authenticity of a People’s Postcode Lottery related communication, should contact our Customer Care team on 0808 10-9-8-7-6-5, or e-mail

    Further information regarding our position in relation to scams can be found on our website.


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