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A friend has just phoned me to say she received a scam phone call today.  The Indian sounding caller asked for her by name and then told her she had agreed to pay them  £49 to stop telemarketing calls to her telephone.

She knew that she hadn’t and apparently got into an argument with the caller who refused to take no for an answer!

I’m guessing that they were hoping she would fall for the scam and were going to ask her to “confirm” her card details so they could help themselves to her money.

They gave her a phone number, but she thinks it was fake.  I haven’t reproduced it here and she thinks it was actually the phone number of a legitimate business.

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  1. Reply Keith Orchard Sep 23,2011 5:09 pm

    Hi, just had yet another call from Sure2Support. Guy announced himself as Richard Anderson..said he was living in London despite speaking with a string Indian accent. Again same figure of £49 quoted. I told him that I would report him and he rang off. Please everyone, dont fall for the Sure2Support scam.

  2. Reply WilmaFingerdo Sep 9,2011 8:27 pm

    Got the same phone call tonight, some bloke pretending to be Indian with pretend call centre noise in the background. I recorded the call and threatened Trading Standards , but predictably the number was blocked.

  3. Reply elizabeth Aug 16,2011 4:37 pm

    hi there just to let you know i had a phone call as well this morning off the company calling them self SURE2SUPPORT telling me that i had paid them £49 pound for them to stop other company phoning me, they told me that i had set it up 48 days ago and they need my bank details to take them money, when i told them that i had not done anything like this they did not like it they got on about that if i wanted 2 end there support that it would cost me more money £17 pounds it is a scam and the police know about it as i reported them.

  4. Reply Chrissie Jul 28,2011 6:15 pm

    Same thing here, have now started a claim of fraud against them. They now call themselves SAIS Corp. If you look up 0393-293446, which is the number that appeared on my caller display phone, you’ll see someone even says that these people quoted his birth-date and bank account details to him. I actually asked them which card I was supposed to have given them details of, but they wouldn’t tell me, claiming it would be against data-protection act.
    They gave me a phone number too, but the number is not valid, I tried it.


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