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A reader contacted me to tell me that he was trying to raise some venture capital for a business project.  He told me that his project was posted on a number of forums and that he had been contacted by many scammers.  Most he rejected immediately, but he was concerned about one person who contacted him claiming to be a reputable firm.

Thomas Duffy of Venture Capital International makes claims on his site about clients for whom he has, he claims, raised millions of dollars.  My reader contacted one of these companies for confirmation – only to be told that they had never heard of Mr Duffy.

I can’t say for certain whether Venture Capital International is a legitimate organisation or not.  If it is, Thomas Duffy needs to sort out his site – it is full of spelling mistakes and broken links – and gives no accreditations or licences.

If you are contacted by Mr Duffy – or any other so called money lender or finance company – do your due diligence.  Do as my reader did and contact some of the companies that the lender claims to have helped.

Be careful and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Venture Capital International – Thomas Duffy

  1. Reply thomas duffy May 26,2011 1:22 pm

    i can give you hundreds of stories of clients that i have given free advisory services
    i think you should have done your due diligence before you wrote this article
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  2. Reply thomas duffy May 26,2011 1:16 pm

    we act as advisors for businesses and funding houses
    to make sure that they do not get ripped off by brokers
    and making sure that they do the right things when looking for investors
    i. if you are looking for american investors you need to do a Reg D 504,505 or 506
    2. if you are looking for international investors you need to do a Reg S memorandum

    anybody that tells you that all you need is a business plan and a 10 slide presentation is a phony

    if anyone has a question you can call me


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