Western Union Money Transfer

Why on earth would the UN want to “compensate individuals” for “their economic meltdown”?  What a ridiculous story.  I despair of some scammers, who clearly didn’t pay as much attention as they should when they were at school.

Ignore this idiot.  Western Union don’t hold random draws and give out UN money to random individuals.  Scammers, on the other hand, do send out random emails to random individuals hoping that someone will fall for their story and start sending them money.

The entire staff of western Union Corporation(Promotion Department) wish to
inform you that you have just been selected as a lucky winner from the United
Nation email draws that is usually held twice in every year.

United Nations Corporation organize this promotion offer in other to
compensate individuals due to their economic meltdown . Hence you have
$1,900,000 USD (One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars) and you are
expected to fill and send back the following for claims:

Full Name….
Marital Status….
Telephone Numbers…
Congratulations!! Once again.

Yours in service,
Mr. Patrick Morgan
Call/SMS Tel/: (24HOURS)
Western Union Team

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