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As I say often on this blog – no organisation anywhere ever holds random email draws.  You haven’t won anything and neither have I.  This is a scammer who is hoping you will fall for their deception and start sending them money when they ask you.

Ignore this scammer.

Attention please.

For due processing and remittance of your online email
prize of 615,810.00 (Six hundred and fifteen thousand,
eight hundred and ten euros) only, please download
and read the attachment for full details.

Best regards,

Mrs.Silvia Santos

Piso 36, calle Carlos Ortega
28002, Madrid-Spain


We are pleased to inform you of the release of the LA PRIMITIVA LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL E-MAIL PROMOTIONS PROGRAMME held on the 20th of August 2011.Your email address was entered with Reference Number:EGR/417331247/03 and Batch Number:72/50685/MMH.

All email addresses entered in the program were presented by our international marketing department in conjunction with world residential white pages, humanitarian organizations, and the help of Embassies and chambers of commerce of countries in Europe, Australia, North and South America, The Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Your reference attached to ticket number: 0016-359142-07, with serial number: 52201-61 drew the lucky winning numbers: 7-19-24-39-46-47. This subsequently won in the Third category.

You have been approved for a winning payment of Euros €615,810.00 (Six hundred and fifteen thousand, eight hundred and ten Euros only) in cash credited to file REF.NO: EGR/417331247/03.This from a total cash prize of €13,871,320.00 (thirteen million, eight hundred and seventy one thousand, three hundred and twenty Euros) shared among the seventeen international winners in this category. CONGRATULATIONS!!

We ask that you keep this award away from public notice until your claim has been processed and your fund remitted to you. As this is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of the situation by other participants.

To begin your claim, please contact Snr.Alfonso Benito, of LIBERTY SEGUROS S.A. on Tel: +34 672 558 191, EMAIL: for the processing and remittance of your fund.

NOTE: All prize money must be claimed not later than 20th of September 2011 after this date, the fund will be returned to the MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed.

We congratulate you and thank you for being a part of our international promotional program


Mrs. Silvia Santos
Vice President

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  1. Reply Loteria de Navidad Nov 10,2011 12:26 am

    Hey Keepsafeonthenet,
    I was wondering on a similar note,, I GOT THIS MAIL.
    We happily announce to you the draw of the Yahoo Lottery Intl Inc
    programs held on this month of July 2007 in London. Your e-mail address
    attached to ticket number: 56475600545 188,with Serial number 5388/02
    drew the lucky numbers: 31-6 2613357,which subsequently won you the
    lottery in the 2nd category.You are therefore, been approved to claim
    a total sum of £500,000.00 for the month of July 2007 lottery win
    promotion which is organized by FREE LOTTO AWARD PROMOTION.Every month.

    The insurance company declined reverse payment for the courier, stating that it is against their professional policy towards ensuring the safe delivery of the draft to you. .With the above reason, reverse payment is ruled out. Forward the cost of mailing your draft with any of the delivery channel cost you choose above to us.



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