A A Flockhart

About half an hour before I received this email, I received another one from “AA Flockhart” telling me he was a chief executive officer with HSBC.  Do you suppose they sacked him and he was offered another job by the Hang Seng Bank in the meantime??  No.  Neither do I.  He’s just a scammer.  A scammer who can’t even decide which story to tell.  

Delete the email and don’t reply.


My name is Mr. Alexander Andrew Flockhart, I work with HANG SENG BANK, HONG KONG.I have a Business Proposal of $24,500,000.00 for you to handle with me from my bank.I will need you to assist me in executing this Business Project from Hong Kong to your country. If interested, please reply with your full Contact Details
A.A. Flockhart.