Wednesday, February 18, 2009 11:31 AM
“Patrick Amstrong” <info00009@btconnect.com>
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My name is Patrick Amstrong, I will like you to become our mystery shopper. You will earn $400 by been a mystery shopper. Your employment packet include business evaluation form, a training assignment which will be send to you after you received payment for the assignment. Paycheck would be sent to you for the assignment by Certified Check or money order. The check would be between $3000 – $4500, you are to deduct your $400 which will be your wages, and the rest would be used for the evaluation at the store that would be sent to you.

Your Employment packet are as follows :
1. Business evaluation form: This is the form you are required to fill after you visit any shopping mall in your area, you would be given the store name and address. You are required to evaluate its customer service and quality control after their services are rendered to you. You would required to fill a form to rate the employee(s), the form would be given to you after the evaluation.

2. Training Assignment: You are hired to evaluate the quality of services of the store or mall that would be given to you . You are needed to rate the employees. Please note, this is a part-time activity.

If you are interested and willing to work with us,Email me the below details:

Full Name:
Full Address (No P.O Box):
Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Do you have a checking account?
Can you Check email at least twice Daily:

N.B:- Kindly Reply to this Email (patrick_amstrong@hotmail.com)

I will be looking forward to receive the above details.


Patrick Amstrong
The only thing that “interests” me with this spam is getting it deleted.