This was sent to me by a reader.  It was received  by a friend of hers AFTER the friend applied for a job that was advertised on  Her friend spotted the obvious signs that the job was a scam and didn’t reply.  

If you answer any online adverts, please keep your wits about you and remember that scammers don’t just operate by sending out random emails.  Whenever you reply or correspond with anyone on the internet be sensible and vigilant and NEVER send money to someone you don’t know.  

If my reader’s friend had replied, I’m sure that the job advertiser would have started asking for money – for fares, for references – for anything they could think of.

My name is Hue Shih,I am a public Evaluation activist,i contacted you on I
am in need of the services of a certified Nurse for sick elders. I hope i can depend
on your work and experiences ? Hence, I would want to know your schedules if you
will be available to be with my Father(William) .He is 62 year old gentleman with
all faculties, who is living with Cerebral Palsy,suffered a stroke two years ago.
I will like to put to your understanding that i do not reside in your state,am from
Manhattan,NY. I am only coming over to your city to continue a project for my
sponsor company,I am the only surviving son of my father and am single.There will be
no one to look after my dad if i decide to leave him back over in New York,So i had
to take him along with me so that he can be under my watch light.
He has been scheduled already to meet a Cerebral Specialist for his Cerebral
disorder in your city. The Specialist has requested for a Caregiver/Nurse to come
over with him, so William(The patient) can be helped with all his medications and
care,while i will be at work taking care of my project for my sponsor company.
Also i will like to put to your notice that your duties will be preparing of his
meals, cleaning and laundry. He is not a COPD patient and NOT on oxygen.He is mobile
with the help of a wheelchair, but is very diminished moving alone. He is kind and
appreciative and a very sweet and easy patient. He is quiet and withdrawn, but able
to communicate beautifully. I am looking for an experienced LVN or CNA or RN
Nurse/CareGiver with some experience who would care for William. I would want to
secure you for this time frame(1st of June to 1st of July) and would want to know
how much it would cost me for 3days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) with weekends off.

------------ --------- --------
Requires a CNA certification
CPR certification
Must speak,read and understand English
Ability to write routine reports and correspondence as required by the doctor/patient.

Prioritize tasks, multi-tasking and detail oriented.
Good interpersonal skills
Exhibit a service orientation towards everyone
Must have the ability to demonstrate solid judgment about patient care
Must also demonstrate a sense of understanding and urgency for priorities

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be
met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Assist with morning care, meal preparation, giving his medications, light
housekeeping, dressing & grooming, laundry & linens cleanings.
Hours are 9am - 2pm on my working days (Mon,Wed and Friday ) if there is a minor
variation,i will let you know as soon as possible.
SERVICE PERIOD - 1 Month (if there is an extended stay,i will inform you).
LOCATION - I will book a suite in a good hotel close to you and you will be watching
my dad over there.

I will be more than happy if you will take interest in caring for William (My
Dad).He is friendly and fun to be with,free eaters and never allergic! You would be
caring and responding to his needs at my suite in a hotel close to you and also I am
willing to assign a driver to you who will take you and my dad to wherever place you
want to take him to,Let me know if you are ok with the idea.You are to be with him
during his schedules with the specialist and escort him back to the suite at the
hotel,I will be taking care of my project during this periods you will be rendering
your services.Your services will be needed from 9:00am - 2pm, Mondays Wednesdays and
Fridays through (11th of May to 14th of June). Hence,what would be the total cost
for the whole time frame? Kindly be aware that i am not too keen on the amount you
will be asking for this time frame but a better attention and care for him. All I
want is a good care for my Dad. As soon as we both can
 have an agreed amount for this time frame.
More so, Understand that you are an important factor to Williams visitation(seeing
the specialist for his Health) there if other wise he can not go to see the
specialist alone, As the Doctor has required for every Patient to come over with a
certified Nurse or care giver for better attention and medics usage helps. Please
fill up the Questionnaire below to facilitate your chances:


1)Can you drive?
2)Can you swim?
3) Do you smoke??
4)Do you have any criminal records?
5)where are you located presently??
6) What is your qualification as an adult caregiver and are you CPR certified??
7)Present occupation :
8) Number of years as a Care Giver(Experience) :
9) Charge Per Week :
10) Number of available reference and their contacts information: