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Sunday, February 22, 2009 1:59 AM
“John Smith, LLM”
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To whom it may concern,

A joint report issued March 2007, by the British Bankers Association (BBA)
and Building Society Association (BSA) disclosed that approximately £5
billion from this unclaimed money is sitting in dormant accounts across
various financial institutions in the United Kingdom. Literally billions
sit in unclaimed accounts yearly and in some unfortunate cases where the
owner dies without inclusion of the asset or account in their estate this
money is lost and never gets found.

You may ask how is all this connected to you and of what use is this
information. Please permit me to formally introduce myself. I am John
Smith, formerly an independent partner at an established law firm in the
United Kingdom and specialist in Wills, Trust and Estate Planning. My last
portfolio handled at this firm was asset valuation and advice on estate
planning to a foreign investor with high profile blue chip investments.
The reason I contacted you was due to the controversy surrounding release
of funds in account and security investments forming part of the estate of
a deceased hedge fund manager and financial market investor whose
portfolio I was fortunate to manage by the authority granted by Enduring
Power of Attorney (EPA), Property & Financial Affairs at one of the
leading building societies in the United Kingdom and I beseech your

Until the untimely death of my client, he was a foreign hedge fund manager
and investor with diverse investments in bonds, stocks and high yield
tax-free interest accounts. I managed his investment portfolio in one of
these finance house (Portman Building Society) and proffered specialist
advice on full valuation and assessment, help with personal tax affairs

This total asset worth £3.7 million ($5.42 million) was still held as
pooled investment with accumulated interest at this financial institution
until its merger with Nationwide Building Society in August 2007. More on
this and other important information can be read on:

Following the merger between Portman and Nationwide, I was confident that
either his attorney represented by me or his paternal family overseas will
be contacted after movement of Portman accounts onto Nationwide systems. I
was completely dumbfounded when this particular asset was not disclosed
and no record was retained for this account in Nationwide Building Society
system. Under banking regulations this is a case of financial impropriety
but my partners failed to open an investigation on this issue which led to
my voluntary resignation. I made a personal vow to follow up this
elaborately concealed matter and reclaim the funds and I solicit the
assistance of a person of integrity bearing a similar name to that of the

With the UK Government’s plan to seize the cash in unclaimed deposits in
bank and building society accounts for charitable purposes, financial
institutions including Nationwide Building Society were urged to launch
campaign to find the rightful owners or heirs of funds sitting in its
dormant accounts. This can be confirmed by clicking the link:

With the UK facing the risk of a recession and tighter regulations by FSA
(Financial Service Authority), which regulates the financial services
(Banks, building societies, insurance) industry in the UK, to forestall
this credit crisis, an ultimatum have now been issued to investment banks
by the Bank of England to liquidate dormant and lost account deposits and
other unclaimed fixed term investments, locate missing heirs or
beneficiaries for reclaim within this first financial quarter (January –

Those without forthcoming claimants will be re-integrated into the
financial system as cash infusion (stimulus) to accelerate economic
recovery. This has now present the last opportunity to claim these
financial asset to protect my late clients legacy. I cannot afford to be
complacent this time around after having knowledge of sinister plans to
confiscate funds belonging to my late client by the directors of this
financial institution because they have a strong conviction that a valid
claim can never be addressed for this account.

This is my proposal, but I am only going to deal with a honest,
trustworthy individual who knows his value and sense of purpose. According
UK intestacy rules (where a person dies without a valid will), if you are
not a family relative of the deceased, within the provisions of the law
you can still act as administrator of the estate. By operation of the law
and practice of intestate succession (the rules governing the distribution
of assets where a person dies without leaving a will which disposes of the
entirety of his or her estate), the UK Inheritance (Provision for Family
and Missing Beneficiary) Act 1975 and account nomination facility/
survivorship mandate for settlement of claims recognized by financial
institutions, this is feasible. The former (intestate succession) makes
provisions for claims by distant beneficiaries under ‘general order of
entitlement on intestacy’ while the latter (account nomination) validates
any proof of claim on a deceased account based on certified copies of
financial documents showing evidence of the account.

I have chosen this course of action because of the uncompromising
standards adopted by this financial institution and their resolve to
efface every trace of these investment accounts from their records to
further their intent of funds diversion. The merger of Portman and
Nationwide Building Society gave these directors the opportunity to divert
these funds by not including its record in their account system. I and the
senior executives of the building society only agree on one aspect; that
it is becoming a certainty that this account will go escheat and handed
over to the Crown for inclusion in Governments Unclaimed Asset Registry.
That is why they are bent on keeping the account undisclosed in their lost
account records for some considerable time after end of this
re-integration exercise. This will give them the opportunity to exploit
the situation and transfer the funds to their own private coffers.

With my wealth of experience in Wills, Trust and Estate Planning and
erstwhile position as Attorney (Property and Financial Affairs) entrusted
with management of his financial affairs by virtue of Enduring Power of
Attorney (EPA), we are going to work within the limits of clauses and
ammendments inherent in complex intestacy laws to guarantee your
eligibility to exercise claim on the account as administrator nominated by
the deceased paternal family.

I have decided to make some information “unknown” and confidential till am
sure as a person of goodwill, you are willing to offer your assistance.
This is to avoid bogus claims and as such kindly send a reply through my
private email address: stating your ‘LAST
NAME’, ‘AGE’ and ‘COUNTRY OF ORIGIN’ only. I will contact you within
immediately with overview of this proposal and full contact details if
your last name and age description meets my criteria for eligibility as
beneficiary. “Most people sometime in their lives, stumble across the
truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their
business as if nothing happened.” I do not fall into that category of men.
Do you? I wait to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

John Smith, LLM
Tel: +44-702-404-6876, +44-703-195-8717
Calling Hours: Anytime
No, this Spammy Sammy isn’t “connected” to me, but he certainly wants to be “connected” to my bank account!