Deadly Belated Reply (DBR)

Dr or is it Prof Al Wady-ramahi’s stroke might not have been as “deadly” as his reply, but it seems to have left him confused.  Is he a Dr or is he a Prof??

Who cares.  He’s a scammer.  The only thing “deadly” about this email is the effect it will have on your bank balance if you fall for his scam. He will start asking you for money.

Ignore him and delete the email.

Dear Client,

Please read here under our circular letter DBR 

SUBJECT: Deadly Belated Reply (DBR) 

I am deeply sorry, for this deadly Belated Reply, due to my hospitalization. I got a stroke, that left me speechless and walk less. But thank God, I am well now!!! 

Perhaps the passage of time has changed the situation. Nevertheless, if you are still available, I am still ready for sure,!!!

 Please also do notice the change of my e-mail address as above.

In the meantime, you can visit my webpage


                                                                Dr. Prof. Seif Al Wady-ramahi

                                                                  Consultant, Investment & Charities


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