Dear Winner

Why not just 670k Euros?  Who cares, it’s a scam.  There was no draw.  Just delete the demail andn don’t reply.
Dear Winner,

Your Email Address has won (€ 671.085,69 Euro)!!Euro-milliones promotion
in Conjuction with Bono Lotto-Online of Inter.Net Award in
Spain.Ref.No:LSLUK/2031/8161/08, File No: Espanol/10/1863/432/Mad Lucky
Winning Number: 10-14-16-29-44 Estrellas (5-6)

Dear Lucky Winner, Following the publication of results of the electronic
online E-mail sweepstakes organized by the Euro-milliones promo/Bono Lotto
of Inter.Net Award 2009 Promotion. Your email ID emerged winner of (€
671,085.69 Euro) in our computer balloting system drawn from the Internet.

To make claims contact the registered claim agent’s information below:
Contact: Mr: Anthonio Fernandez
Tele: +0034-693-474-026


sincerely yours,
Mrs. Sara Miguel Moreno
Lottery Coordinators.