South Africa for a change.  I really must start that map of the world!

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Uthingo Lottery SA Announce today, 13th of February 2009 as one of the lucky winners of the Lottery,Your email address emerged as one of two winners of $5,500,000.00 in the Category “A”,Draws held on the 12th of February 2009 our E-business promotional draws from 21,000 E-addresses of individuals/companies computer Ballot all over the world. Attached with Ref NO:-PF23-711W-9, Batch No: 46-184-Won with serial NO:215-18 drew the lucky Numbers 06,13,26,33,43,46.This won the 2009 draw of your winnings Should be claimed from our Active Finance LTD.As we have notified them. Dr.Mark Baraka Tel:+27 78 727 1122

Fax:+ 27 865 465 919
You must contact the appointed agent with your FullNames, Address, and Contact Telephone Numbers via email to process the immediate payment of your prize. The validity period of the winnings is for 15 workingdays hence you are expected to make your claims immediately.Once again congratulations!!!
Best Regards,Stella Botha(Mrs.)