e-lottery winnings…

Thanks to yet another reader for this scam lottery


Your email address was randomly selected along with others from over 24,000 website on the Internet and attached to a ticket number(112-0745-810-264) with Serial number 0152-12 drew the lucky numbers: 11-24-14-36-08, and a bonus number of 18 which subsequently placed you a second category winner in our online lottery promotion. This entitles you to claim a cash prize of 480,000.00GBP(Four Hundred and Eighty Thousand Great Britain Pounds) credited to your file as one of the seven lucky winners in your category.

I would immediately require you provide the details below to facilitate my activities with the verification/remittance department for the endorsement of your claim and release your cash prize for onward remittance to you. Stand informed that the requested details will be thoroughly verified thus ensure to provide the requested details accurately to avert complications.

1. Full Name(s):
2. Full Address(s):
3. Date of Birth/Age:
4. Telephone Number:
5. Nationality:
6. Country of Residence:

Endeavor to keep information about your lottery winning confidential until your claims have been processed and funds have been remitted to you. This is to avoid double claiming as it might lead to your disqualification by the lottery board.

I await your swift response to the necessary details to forge ahead with remittance proceedings.
Best regards,
Paul Dyer (Dr.).+447035962605