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Monday, February 16, 2009 4:46 PM
“Mr. David Buthelezi”
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Good Day,

I am Mr. David Buthelezi a manager with one of the major banks in South Africa. I am in a position to move a Huge amount of funds in ($20M) Twenty million united states dollars, out of the vault of my bank although legally. The money was owned by a customer who died long ago and we could not get trace of anyone to claim his money.

I will disclose some vital information about the late owner of the funds and how he died and the name of my bank once I have gained your trust. I expect your utmost response to this email. Please in your reply let me have your contact telephone numbers so I can call you and explain.

Kind Regards,

Mr. David Buthelezi
Here’s another term for your “dictionary”, Carol—“Upliftment”! The only “upliftment” that will happen will be to your bank account!