From Fredrick Khumalo


I’ve got a new idea for a scam.  The scammers entire family are ——– still alive.  The scammer is suffering from a dreadful attack of ————–nothing at all.  The scammers is living happily in his/her own home and not living as a refugee/on holiday for 3 months/on business overseas.  The scammer hasn’t discovered mega millions in an unclaimed account/ wanting to compensate me for fraud/ wanting to send me a fake lottery win.

If any of the scammers read this blog, let’s see what they come up with next.

FROM Fredrick Khumalo
Tel: +27 73-326-6156,

Good Day
I have the honour and confidence to introduce to you this business in view
of the fact that you are trustworthy and reliable in business. Obviously,
you will be surprised to read this letter from me consider it as a request
from a family in dear need of foreign assistance.
few months ago, I also lost My mother in car accident.

Obviously I am contacting you for transferring of fund into your bank
account for safety reasons, and business negotiation according to the
business atmosphere of your country since the financial laws of South
Africa did not permit such privilege as a refugee. I am PRINCE Fredrick
Khumalo, the son of Mr. HARRISON DONGA Khumalo of Zimbabwe ; it was the
current crisis against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the supporters of our
President ROBERT MUGABE to claim all the white owned farms to his camp.

My father was one of the best black farmers my country, because he
opposed against MUGABE’S will and ideas, MUGABE’S cambers invaded our
farms, burnt everything in those farms, killed my father and looted most
valuable properties that belongs to my late father.
Meanwhile, before his death, he deposited us Six Million Three Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars (USD$6.3M).with one of the commercial bank
in South Africa . He wanted to use this money to buy new machines and
tractors, but unfortunately he was killed during the crisis by this bad
government. As the elder son, this fixed amount in my name.
Right now I and my younger sister are currently living in South Africa as
refugees In view of this, we cannot invest this money in South Africa or
continue farming; this is why I am asking for your hands to assist me to
secure this fund out of South Africa for investment purpose in your
I propose to give you 30% of the said amount, 70% will be for and my sister
Please, note that this fund is genuely acquired by my father, and the
whole arrangement for transferring of this fund out of South Africa into
you country for investment purpose is 100% risk free. My only worries I
believe that it is (GOD) who bring men together for a greater reason, and
I also pray for the spirit of understanding to in be input into us for
successful transfer of the fund.
Yours truly,
Fredrick Khumalo
Cell: +27-73-326-6156.