Goodwill Message.


Season’s Greatings – er, what?  I was going to say it’s February (ok I just did), and my reader says “Here’s a real whack job, who apparently doesn’t realize that “The Season” has been over for almost 2 months and also has a flair for the dramatic (“your hands were tied up”—omg!J). Maybe he should have his own t.v. cop show or situation comedy.”

My Dear Friend,

Season’s Greetings!

This is my appreciation for your passed commitments in the transaction.I realized your hands were tied up then.I have transfered the Fund in a new Bank Account provided by a friend of mine in London .I dropped an International Certified Bank Draft worth US$1.2m (one million,two hundred thousand united state dollars) to send to you in care of secretary (Mark White) in Benin-Republic as compensation for your passed efforts.

So contact him via this email address: ( or forward my email to him, asking her to send the Bank Draft to you.I am presently in London trying to set up business,buy shares,stocks,and other profitable businesses.

Send to her your infomation as i listed below:-

1. Your full name:——————————————-
2. Your home delivery address:——————————–
3. Your mobile & house phone numbers:———————-

Take good care of yourself.

Best wishes,

Peter Anikwe.