Greetings from me and my family

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:57 PM
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Greetings from me and my family.

Getting your contact was not an easy task because since I am not computer literate, I ordered my son to seek a partner very far away and he went to
the institute of International Business to apply and he paid them the charges. My name is ROH DAE-JUNG, The brother of GENERAL. ROH TAE-WOO, the
former President of South Korea, He was hand-picked by the ex-general Chun Doo-hwan to succeed him as president in 1988 to 1993, triggering large
pro-democracy rallies in Seoul and other cities in 1987. In response, Roh agreed to hold democratic presidential elections, making himself a viable
candidate for the next election. Opposition supporters, in pronounced regional voting, split their vote between two candidates future presidents
Kim Young-sam and Kim Dae-jung, making Roh the first elected president of the post-military rule era.

Roh’s rule was notable for hosting the Seoul Olympics in 1988 and for his foreign policy of nordpolitik, which represented a major break from
previous administrations. After taking office in 1993, Roh’s successor Kim Young-sam led an anti-corruption campaign that saw Roh and Chun on
trial for bribery. The two former presidents were later separately charged with mutiny and treason for their roles in the 1979 coup and the 1980
Gwangju Massacre. After serving duly, he was accused of mass embezzlement which ran into billions of won because of the GREAT OLYMPICS 1988 which
brought Korea to the world lime light, and was arrested but released after long years of incarceration and now under scrutiny.Before my brother’s was
overthrown, I secretly siphoned the sum of ( 45 million United States Currency out of Seoul and deposited the money with a security firm that
transports valuable goods and through diplomatic means.I am contacting you because I want you to deal with the security company and claim the money
on my behalf since I have declared that the consignment belong to my foreign business partner. You shall also be required to assist me in
investment in your country.

I expect you to declare what percentage of the total money you will take for your assistance. When I receive your positive response I will let you
know where the security company is and the payment pin code to claim the money which is very important.we do not want the government of my Country
to know about the money because they will believe I got the money from my brother while he was still in office as president .Once you confirm the
receipt of the money ,I will come over with my Children to your Country or any Country in Europe to start a new life with my Family. As soon as
payment is effected, and the amount mentioned above is successfully transferred into your account, we intend to use our own share in acquiring
some estates abroad. For this too you shall also be our overseas manager of all our properties and you will be paid based on a certain percentage
agreed on by both parties. For now, let all our communication be by e-mail because my line is right now connected to the South Korean
Telecommunication Network services therefore we can not take the chances of being heard. Please visit sites below for more informations about Mr.
Roh’s government.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.
Yours faithfully,
Roh Dae Jung.
“Roh Dae Jung” probably doesn’t even have a child. She just wants your money, so don’t click on any of these links and don’t give her “more informations”. Just delete it, and let her figure out how to care for her spammy self and her “son”.