Friday, February 27, 2009 8:49 AM
“Mr. Kingston Moore.”
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Dear Sir,

My name is Kingston Moore. I am a licensed private investigator, consumer
advocate and humanitarian, my organization has been instrumental in
reconnecting the companies and individuals with over Ten million dollars.
(Unclaimed inheritance, winning and lost money without claims).

As part of our security measures, we recently noticed a huge amount of money
in the international computer data system valued 1.2 million USD registered
with your name from a temporary account been your inheritance/winning/lost
money waiting to be transferred without claims.

In order to provide you with secure service, you?re advised to immediately
contact the financial institution in republic of Benin for simultaneous clear
up discrepancy in your file and the money will be available to your position.
Please kindly contact the office on this email office2009@freemail.ru or
info.office@freemail.ru to reconfirm your full name, telephone and currant
contact/ receiving details for scrutiny and possible consideration.

One final thing, we do ask that you consider donating 10% of what we help you
recover to charity or humanitarian case. May the love, grace and favour of God
rest upon you and me?
Thank you,
Mr. Kingston Moore.
Spammy wants 100% of your funds, donated strictly to his bank account.