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Very Urgent Attention,

Please permit me to introduce my humble self to you, I am Mr. Emmanuel Uche,The Managering Director of International Relation with Access Bank of Nigeria plc.
I’m 41yrs old, I got your email address on the International business directories.I Would like you to read this message carefully and reply me
immediately. Although we have not met before, but I suggest that this transaction will bring us together. My dear, we have a customer,a Foreigner but
based here in Nigeria, his Name is Mr.Raymond Beck.He is from Atlanta Georgia United State of America,but reside here with his wife and his two
children.Mr.Raymond Beck has being banking with our bank for the past yrs,some times August 2003. Late Mr. Raymond was on his way to his house,andunfortunately, Mr.Raymond ran into a Trailer load of Groundnut Oil,and
died immediately,their car got burnt, no single soul was saved,Mr.Raymond Beck and his entire family was confirmed died.

The Board of Directors and The Management of Access Bank has andated and instructed me to look for Mr.Raymond Beck relatives and his next of Kin to come
and claim Mr.Raymond Beck’s Fund.Based on this,I have been looking for Late Mr. Raymond Beck relatives/Next of Kin since August 2003 till date to come and
claim his Fund which he deposited with our bank.I have make several nquiries/contacted at the America Embassy and all my effort was unsuccessful
for locating his relatives,so its quite unfortunate that Mr.Raymond Beck died along with all his family embers.The reason why I contacted you is this,Since Mr.
Raymond Beck is dead,and his only son whom supposed to inherit his properties and money also died with him. As at this moment, nobody orperson is coming to
claim this money from our bank.

The Board of Directors and Management of our bank has told me that if nobody or person apply for the claim of Mr. Raymond Beck Fund, the bank will return
Mr.Raymond’s Fund into Federal Government Reserve Account.In view of this, I will want you to stand as the Relation/relative to Late Mr.Raymond Beck, so
that the fund will be transfered into your bank account as the real next of kin, and all his left behind will be converted to your name. However, it might interest
you to know that Mr.Raymond Beck has an A/M Blocked Tested Domiciliary Bank Account with our Bank which is amounting to the sum of US$9.2M Nine Million Two
Hundred Dollars, and this money is still in his account as unclaimed money. As a matter of fact, this transaction is very transparent,easy and simple, and it is
100% risk free. As an insider and Manager for International Relations with Access Bank of Nigeriaplc,the Management and Board of Directors of the Bank are waiting for me
to provide to them the Relative or next of Kin to late Mr.Raymond Beck,which I told them that I am still searching the next of kin to the deceased. Finally,
if you are interested with this transaction, I will present you to the bank as the only next of kin to late Mr.Raymond Beck,and I will let the bank know that you
are the only right person to inherit late Mr.Raymond’s Fund and properties.

To facilitate this,If you agree with me, I will present you to my bank as the rightful person/next of kin to Late Mr.Raymond which I know hat it will
only take us few bank working days to transfer the fund into your desinated bank account.If you are interested, just email me or call me on my direct telephone
number,and secured the content of this letter to aviod betrayal of trust. Please I’m relying my confidence in you as a sincere partner to joined hand with
me,so thatwe can ultilize this great opportunity. Reply me immediately and let me know whatyou say, feel free to ask any questions.As it may be, you will be
entitled of 50% of the total sum (US$9.2 Million) Which is (US$4.600,000.00) Four Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars, while the Balance of the same amount
will be mine.

I will be waiting for your immediate response.

Thanks and have a nice day.

Friendly Regards

Mr. Emmanuel Uche

NB: Please reply to my personal mailbox:mrmmnlch3@gmail.com
This Spammy Sammy appears to be quite the “Charmer”. But don’t let him fool you. There is no money, so delete it and forget it.