As usual, my reader got it in one “Yes, let’s “join” Spammy Sammy in emptying our bank accounts into his slimy little pockets!”

Dear Partner,

I am Mr. Darren Wong the Director of Operations of the Hang Seng Bank in
Hong Kong.

I have a business proposal for you. My client a Businessman, and a
Merchant in Middle east, made a fixed deposit for millions of united
states dollars for 18 months with my bank.

Upon maturity several notices were sent to him. It was later discovered that
he and his entire family were killed in the war leaving no heir/family
member to

these fund. According to the to the laws of my country at the expiration 3
years which has currently exceeded, the funds will revert to the ownership of
the Hong Kong Government if nobody applies to claim the funds.

I have already succeeded in transferring the funds out of my country to an
online bank awaiting claims for an heir with same surname(where you come in)
to help me apply to take custody of the funds, my proposal is to put you
as next
of kin and have the funds released to you from the online bank for a share
in the ratio 50% each. All paper works would be put in place from my end to
ensure a legal inheritance.

However I would be waiting your response and assurance that you can be of
partnership with me in making the project a reality. Should you be
in executing this proposal with me; please kindly reply me with your full
name and current address and telephone number on my e-mail address below:

Finally after that I shall provide you with more details of this whole

Mr.Darren Wong