So, just like that I’m going to get a Master ATM Card??? Not until I pay an exorbitant fee, which won’t stop there. Spammy Sammy will just keep charging and charging, until I have nothing left. If you receive one of these phishing and advance-fee spams, delete it and apply for a credit card through your bank.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009 3:15 AM
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Attn: This is to notify you that your parcel was brought to our office and your master card is ready to dispatch to your now, the master card contain 5.3 Million dollars only and it is ready for delivery to your door step. Before the delivery or shipment will take place, and As our policy demands, you are going to take care of the courier fee of the ATM MASTER CARD; to your notice the delivery of your ATM MASTER CARD can not take place without the courier fee for security reasons as we are using courier company, and your fund have been program to your master card no one have the pin and the right to take any money from your card, and the courier company are operate “cash before delivery system all over the world they “(CBD), because it is from their delivery and handling fee you send to them that they will make their logistics, technical and all other vital expenses enrooted to your home address to deliver your master card. all you must do when they arrive your home is just to receive and confirm your master card intact and correct, then just sign on their delivery diary as a prove that you have received your master card intact. This diary they will return back to our office here to confirm a successful delivery to you YOU CAN MAKE THE PAYMENT VIA WESTERN UNION OR MONEYGRAM THIS IS THE PAYMENT INFORMATION OFFICE RECIEVERS NAME—— DEXTER FOX SENDERS NAME——- YOUR NAME SENDERS COUNTRY—– YOUR ADDRESS RECIEVERS COUNTRY—-ABUJA, NIGERIA. TEXT QUESTION————IN GOD TEXT ANSWER—————.WE TRUST AMOUNT TO BE PAID———$193 MTCN NUMBER…………………. As soon as you send the fee you have to send the paymnt iformation to below information Name:UPEXPRESS IFRANCE Telephone:+2348020738644 (1) The ATM CARD will be able to dispense cash worldwide in any ATM CASH DISPENSING MACHINE, (2)The ATM CARD can be used for online purchases. (3) The ATM CARD can be used for payment of bill (Light, Water etc) (4)The ATM CARD can also be used for shopping at your local Shopping Mall. Kind Regards. MASTER CARD NIGERIA LIMITED PLOT 1648C OKO-AWO CLOSE VICTORIA ISLAND CITY LAGOS STATE NIGERIA.