The reader who sent me this scam, commented that the Rev Muse sounds like a love sick puppy.  Please don’t fall for this scam.  You will be sent a false cheque for $10k.  As soon as you have deposited it and sent $10k to the scammer, the original cheque will be withdrawn and you will be $10k poorer with no way of recovering your money.  Delete this email and don’t reply.

My Dear.

It is disheartening that i never read from you. Why? Did you decide to stop communication with me and abandon your fund because of your inability to pay for the fees requested by the bank here?

Oh my dear ., I don’t know why i am developing special interest in you but i surely know it is because you are a human being  like me and i know what you will do with your fund, should it be transferred into your account.

Now it is clear that you don’t have money to pay for the fees requested by the bank here to send your atm card t , and for that reason i have made up my mind that your fund will not remain here more than necessary.

For this reason i have decided to help you out by speaking to a financier friend of my to give you a short time loan which i agreed to pay him back from any thing you will take to reward me as soon as you received your fund from me so that you can pay for this charges.

You do not need to worry on how to pay back to financier this money when you concluded your transaction, I will personally balance him the money back from what ever you compensate me as a reward for my kindness assistance to you.

Therefore subject to this arrangement, I want you to forward to me your address where the financier will send you a cheque of $10,000 that you will cash and send the money direct to our bank telex department unit of our bank for the charges impose on you by this bank to enable them transfer your  fund immediately

Please advice if this arrangement is ok by you., and forward to me your address with the Attached copy of your international passport or Drivers license for my own personal identification. Please I want you to also re-confirm to me your direct telephone number were I  can reach you.

I look forward to hear from you.

Yours in service.

Rev Paul Muse.