My God! I thought either my eyes were playing tricks on me or that something had happened to the computer—this spammer must think that “her” intended spam victims are either almost blind or “she” really wants to grab your attention! At any rate, none of what “she” says is true—not even “I apologized”. There is no money, but ol’ Alice is sure hoping you’ll give her your money. And of course, she doesn’t want you to share this dirty little secret, because “human beings can be cruel and jealous when they hear about this opportunity, they will sabotage you so that you don’t become richer.” Ha! She’s not concerned about YOU “getting richer”, she’s referring to HERSELF! If you receive one of these, please delete it and let “Mrs. Alice Kabore” go find her “meat” elsewhere.

Monday, March 23, 2009 9:38 PM
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First i apologized using this medium to reach you for a transaction/business of this magnitude, but this is due to Confidentiality and prompt access repose on this medium.

The transaction will be done legally. It is not stealing because there is no next of kin and if the fund is not claimed , the government will confiscate the fund since no one is coming up for the claim hence you should cooperate with me to move the fund to your possession for our mutual benefit. What is of utmost essence here is trust and good partnership to ensure successful transfer of this fund as soon as possible.
The consignment containing a sum of (US$18.500) million dollars. And was deposited by Sad dam Hussein, men. For more details

Do you reassure me that you will send me my own share of the money upon the successfully consummation of this transfer. If you are truly interested in this transaction, kindly supply the following details in your next response:

I am not trying to probe into your personal life but may I know because I am entrusting to your care a big sum of funds so I need to know a little about you since we have not met before, I will also use the information to establish you as the next of kin

1. Your full name and address
2. Your direct telephone and fax number for effective communication
3. Your age………..
4. Your present occupation…….
5.marital status and age ……….

Please understand very well that you were contacted because I want to secure this fund in another account outside this country and I wish to do it through you. I cannot put up the claim to this fund in my name because I am a worker here in this company
Remember that the circumstances surrounding this business demands for absolute privacy of information so far disclosed and the ones I will disclose to you in future.. You shall keep all information between you and I alone till we get this $18.5million into your custody anywhere overseas for your good and my good. Do not disclose this deal even to your best friend for security reasons because human beings can be cruel and jealous and when they hear about this opportunity, they will sabotage you so that you don’t become richer.
Awaiting your urgent response.
Yours truly