Please Read Carefully: Ref Number 077/07/ZY369.


Don’t believe a word of this.  There was no lottery.  Just delete it.

Irish National Lottery
11 G Lower Dorset Street,
Dublin 1, 1010 Ireland.

Do contact the Details below for further Clarifications and to Claim the Award Sum of ?5,000,000 which was awarded to you in the Irish National Lottery. Your fund was attached to Lucky Numbers: 03 04 14 27 39 13 – Bonus 19, Batch Number IR/9420X1/64 with Ref Number 077/07/ZY369.

Irish National Lottery
Maxim Gerald
Director Irish Lottery Team
Contact Email: (
Tel: 00944 704 572 0497

To claim your award, please email your:

Full Names:
Contact Address:
Phone/Fax Numbers:
Lucky Numbers: 03 04 14 27 39 13 Bonus 19
Batch Number IR/9420X1/64
Ref Number 077/07/ZY369.

To the Director above. Congratulations from all our staff for being part of 2009 IRISH NATIONAL LOTTERY PROGRAM.

Irish National Lottery Team
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