Please Read (Very important)


As Kanate Moussa (or is it Moussa Kanate – would you trust a scammer who can’t even decide what their own name is?) says, I “often receive suspect messages” – and this is one of them.  Kanate has included some heart-rending photos as evidence of the “sick brother”.  Just delete the email, all Kanate (or Moussa) wants to do is take your cash from you.

I know That you often receive suspect messages.
But I taken to you to believe me because I am the only family has my sick brother
and i’m not having the means of looking after it, this is why i appeal has you
My name myself : MOUSSA KANATE.
It is with much sadness that i ask you for humanitarian aid to look after
my brother who normalizes OUMAR KANATE. Who suffers by a disease caused by toxic waste.
The doctors asks 1500$ . I do not ask you for the totality of the sum
, just a partition of your share, some is the sum who you wish.
To forgive help me to look after it Please.
I send photographs of him to you, so that you realize there of the gravity of his disease.
My number is: +225 05 23 49 15
Email is:
COUNTRY: Ivoiry Coast                 //////          West Africa