Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 9:17 AM
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Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions
271 Kings Street Eastern-Cape, 8001
South Africa.

Congratulations!!!! “You have won US$2,754,000.00 from Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions” on the first Quarter of the year.

We wish you success in our Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions/Email Internet Program held in South Africa , the Announcement made today. Your Email Address was attached to Serial No: 34, 11, 43,27,29,06 Drew the Lucky No: 05-17-22-26-55-38 Bonus 44 from 800,000 Email Addresses consequently won in the 2nd Category. You have therefore been Approved to claim a Star Prize of $2,754,000.00 in cash credited to File No: 6712314/ZAR/2008. To claim your winning prize,

You are to Contact the Appointed Agent for the immediate release of your winning: Below is your Winning Details

Reference No: 12-15-19-27-39/MOP/09
Ticket No: 5-6-4/21-24/MOP/09
Amount Won: US$2,754,000.00

Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions
Name: (Mr. James Dube)
Tel: +27 73 769 7976


You here by Advice to fill and submit your information to your Claim Agent immediately via e-mail.
1. Name:
2. Full Address:
3. P.O Box Address
4. Marital Status:
5. Occupation:
6. Age:
7. Sex:
8. Nationality:
9. Country of Residence:
10. Telephone Number:
11. Direct Mobile Phone
12. Email:
13. Fax Number:
14. Reference Number:
15. Ticket Number:

Congratulations” once again from all our Staff and thank you for being part of our Promotions Program.

Red Kings Claiming Online Promotions
Eastern Cape, South Africa
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