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– Dear Friend,I am Mrs.Rita Walter. of Zimbabwe, the wife, to late minority right wing activist/environmentalist and leader of the movement for the survival of white farmers in Zimbabwe.My husband Mr.Walter , who was killed during the on going war against white farmers in Zimbabwe . It was the desire of our president Mr. Robert Mugabe to claim all the land owned by white farmers and redistribute them to his party members and his followers, Our president ordered all white farmers to surrender all their farms to his party members and followers.White farmers who refused to do this were either maimed or outright killed. My Husband was one of the biggest farmers in our country and because he did not support president Mugabe’s ideas, president Mugabe’s supporters invaded my husband’s farms and burnt down everything in the farm, killed my husband, made away with a lot of items in my husband’s farm,and seized his properties.Before his death, my husband had deposited with one of the security company’s in Europe, the sum of US $8.5 million,(eighth million five hundred thousand United States dollars)Only. Due to the hostilities, harassment and arrest beeing visited on my family by the government of president Robert Mugabe and his agents, therefore asking for your kind understanding and assistance in the transfer process of this fund since the government of this country has made it very unbearable for us to live here. The fund as instructed by my husband in his WILL shall be invested into meaningful and profitable investments in your country. I have resolved in my heart that for the kind assistance and help you will render to save this fund for me and my family, 30% of the whole money shall be for you, just to say thank you for helping my family. You will need to give me sufficient assurance and guarantee that you will not sit on the fund when it is finally credited into your account. This fund is the only hope I and my family have to survive in the future. I am sincerely optimistic that you will not betray the trust and confidence which I was made to repose in you considering the circumstances in which my husband was brutally killed. I await your earliest reply Thanks and God bless you as you help us. Best regard, Mrs.Rita Walter
God help you if you reply to this spam. “Mrs.Rita Walter” is nothing more than a thief.