Request for Business Partnership

Friday, March 13, 2009 6:00 AM
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Request for Business Partnership

I am a Sunni Arab and a member of a strategic committee in a major
industry in Iraq ; I write to seek your partnership in a lucrative oil
business. My ideal partner should be trustworthy, reliable and have the
ability to operate a business in a western nation. You will not be
required to travel to Iraq or to leave your country.

I seek your partnership because of an urgent need to move my family out
of Iraq due to the deteriorating security situation due to sectarian
violence and the strong prospect of a civil war when the U.S. finally
pulls our their troops.

To indicate your interest or request more details, please contact me by

Thank you,

Jubouri Omar
Another spammer who is taking advantage of the situation in Iraq. Don’t reply, don’t give this any merit because it’s spam. Delete it and be safe!