Wednesday, February 25, 2009 8:13 AM
“Mr Peter T.S Wong”
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Good day,

My name is Mr. Peter T.S Wong I am the director of operation in Hang Seng
Bank Hong Kong.I have an obscured business suggestion for you in the tune
of One Hundred & Twenty Five Million, Seven Hundred & Fifty Thousand U.S
Dollars (125,750,000.00 USD). Please, if you know you are capable of
involving in this mouth watering transaction, please send me an email to
my Private email below; so that I will give you more details about this
transaction and how we will successfully carry out this transaction
without any risk involved.

(1)Full names, (2) Private Phone number, (3) Current residential address,
(4)Occupation, (5)Age and Profession.

Mr. Peter T S Wong
Email- petertswong105@yahoo.com.hk
Spammy Sammy wants to pick your pockets and that is just plain “wong”.