Tuesday, March 3, 2009 4:24 AM
“Mary Williams” <mary.william4@gmail.com>
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My Name IS Mary Williams Williams Am 75yrs old of age, i stay in New York U.S.A. i am a good merchant, i have several industrial companys and good share in various banks in the world. I spend allmy life on investment and coporate business. all the way i lost my husband and two beautiful kids in fatal accident that occur in november 5th 2003.i am a very greedy woman with all cost i dont know much and care about people, since when i have an experience of my lovleyones i felt weak.i found it difficult to sleep and give rest. later in the year 2004 february i was sent a letter of medical check up, as my personal doctor testify that i have a lung cancer, which can easily take off my life soon.i found it uneasy to survive myself, beacuse a lot of investment cannot be run and manage by me again.

i quickly call up a pastor/prophet to give me positive thinking on this solution, as my adviser.He minister to me to sharemyproperty, wealth,to motherless baby/orphanage homes/people that need money for survivor both student thet need money/ business woman and man for their investment for future rising. Sotherfore i am writing this letter to people who are really need help from me both student incollege, to conatct me urgently. so that i can make available preparation on that. espectcially women of the day, who are divorced by their husband, why they cannot survive the mist of feeding theirself. please contact me to stop weeping.

probably let me know what youreally need the money for, and if you can still help me to distribute money to nearest orhanages homes near your town.now am so much with GOD, am now born again.may the lord bless you, as you reachme, please toremind you,dont belongs to scammers or any act of fraudulent on internet.

Mary Williams
“Mary Williams” “will help” clean out your bank account with her sob story. She’s nothing but a crook, so delete this spam.