Although I hate to be rude about the scammers, after all they are the lifeblood of this blog, my reader could be right “This Spammy Sammy is out of his tree–or as my mother says, “All of the monkeys ain’t in the zoo!”” 



ATTN: Dear Beneficiary,

From the desk of DEBT RECONCILIATION/SCAM VICTIM PAYMENT DEPARTMENT In nutshell,My name is MR ROBINSON I. AKWUBA. I am newly appointed to look into your matter. After years of embarrassment from gang of fraudsters in Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (N.N.P.C) and Central Bank of Nigeria (C.B.N) and other financial institution in the country with collaboration of some top official of federal republic of Nigeria who are now languishing in prisons, the federal executive council and national assembly has made and signed a law which merged FACTS FINDING AND SPECIAL DUTIES (F.F.S.D) with DUE PROCESS PROCEDURE (D.P.P) to work out a way of paying all the foreign debt own by Nigeria to contractors and other beneficiaries.

Economic And Finical Crime Commission (E.F.C.C) has carried out their assignment as stipulated by the act establish in the constitution and find out that some of the foreigners are still not been paid, neither as contractors or dormant account (like next of kin)and other related payment, which are suppose to be paid and we found out that you are one of the beneficiary who are not been paid.

Also we understand that some of you have under gone many stress in other to get your money paid by traveling to difference part of the world and made some financial expenses and all efforts made were aborted by the activities of some fraudulent government official’s and fraudsters in Nigeria and other part of the world, mostly Africa.

We have made every arrangement and waiting for your reply to give instruction to the department which will pay your money.If you have any relevant informations about this evil men kindly tell us more So that it will enable us to trap some criminal and fraud stars in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.

Federal government of Nigeria have decided to reimburse all victim with the minimum amount of ($100,000.00) and maximum amount of ($10.5m) united state of America dollars, base on the much you are scammed,and you are included. We also pleading to you to stop any communication you are having with any Nigeria regarding your payment so that you will not lose more money from their hands.

Kindly indicate your interest with your urgent response in other to enable us do the final cross checking and settle your debt, since federal government of Nigeria has decided to pay off debts for our image sake.

Best regard