My reader sums this one up “I got bored trying to decipher this and wade through all the muck. Not that I need to—it’s just from another Spammy Sammy, trying to lay his hands on some easy money.”

– Dear friend,This will come to you with a degree of surprise and scepticism since we have not actually met before. But permit me to introduce myself.Iam Andrew Lai Usman, the Secretary/Clerk of the House of Representatives Committee on Power and Steel” ,Federal House of Representatives, Federal Republic of Nigeria. Part of my responsibility to the Committee in particular and the House in General include but not limited to proper recording/records keeping,information gathering,preservation and dissemination among others. I work closely with theChairman of the Committee, Mr Ndudi Elumelu.It may interest you to note that this Committee ispresently probing the huge financial misappropriation of about$16bn in the Power Sector by the immediate past leadership of the Countryunder General Olusegun Obasanjo. The ongoing probe has resulted in revelations of massive economic waste. Contract Over-Invoicing,funds diversions, fraudulent and fictitious payments during the period under review in the power sector.Please,view

thefollowinglinks.1) The Proposal.The reason why I am sending you this information is about one particular OVER-INVOICED contract sum totally $22m (TwentyTwoMillion Dollars). This was a personal and private discover y made by myself among oth ers. While other over-invoiced sums were disclosed or revealed to the committee for investigation, this particular discovery has not been exposed. Itis clearly and carefully concealed and has been smuggled successfully and included to the list of those payments that have received the approval of boththe Ministry of Finance and the National House of Assembly on there commendation of the Power Sector probe committee.The Original contract has been completed, commissioned and contractor paid living behind this over-invoiced sum. I need your indulgence to have this money paid to you.You will be successfully presented as the owner of the $22m and will subsequently be paid.I will use my influence, good political relationship with all to ensure that the paymentis approved in your name.40% of the $22m which represents $8.8m will be yours.10% will be used to grease the elbows of those that will fast track the paymentin the Bank and the Government Ministries. while therest shall be mine.If this gets your attention and approval and you are interested, send me the following promptly:1)Your Full name and address.2)Telephone, cell phone and fax numbers if any.3).Confidential Email address. Name of company if any.It is important to inform you that this is a highly confidential transaction and should be kept secrete.Looking forward to your favourable reply.Email;