Re: Job Offer 6

Oh look, the Beijing Richman International Trade Co Ltd need help with money laundering, so they’ve emailed me – and millions of others too.

Don’t even think of answering this email.  You are in danger of becoming sucked into an international money laundering operation – and guess who will get caught and prosecuted.  Yes, you got it – you.  

Delete the email and don’t reply.

Hello Sir/Madam,


My name is Mr.Kevin Qu and I am a manager of Beijing Richman
International Trade Co.,Ltd China, there is an opportunity of home
base business, and I am contacting you because we are now in need of a
Payment Representative in the United kingdom. So I would like to offer
you a part time job as our payment Representative and you can earn
between 1,000 – 3,000UK pounds in a month depending on your Speed,
Accuracy and Devotion to your work.

My Company needs a financial representative in the United
kingdom who will serve as our Agent in processing any of our funds
made out to us by our UK Customers and Clients this is because We make
lots of supplies to some of our clients in the United kingdom for
which I do come to the UK to receive payment & have it cashed after I
supply them raw materials.And that is why we seek your time and
assistance because Its always too expensive & stressful for me to come
to the UK to receive such payments twice in a month.

1. Receive payment from Clients
2. Deduct 10 percent which will be your percentage/pay on
Payment processed.
3. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to any
of the Offices you Will be contacted to send payment to (Payment is to
Forwarded either By Money Gram / Western Union Money Transfer).

10 percent from each operation! For instance: you receive
1000UK Pounds on our behalf. You will collect the money and
Keep 100UK pounds (10 percent from 1000UK pounds) for yourself!
At the beginning your commission will equal 10percent, though later it will
increase up to 12percent!

No you do not have to; all necessary transfer fees should be
deducted from the Balance after you must have cashed and
deduct your 10percent of total money Received While finish cashing.

You do not have to go out as you will work as an independent
contractor Right From your home / office. Your job is absolutely legal.
You can earn up To 3000-4000UK pounds monthly depending on time
you will spend for this job. You do not need any capital to start.
You can do the Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job.
The employees who make efforts and work hard have A Strong Possibility to

become managers.
Anyway our employees never leave us.

18 years or older,
Legally capable,
Ready to work 3-4 hours per week. With PC knowledge
E-mail and internet experience (minimal)
If you are interested in our offer, and would like to work
for Beijing Richman International Trade Co.,Ltd

Kindly fill the application below.

First Name________________ Middle Name_______________ Last
City ____________________State ________ __________Zip
Telephone Number______________________Personal cell phone
Number______________________Gender ____________ Marital
____________________Age _____________ Nationality
you a U.K. citizen or otherwise authorized to work in the

Please note: only interested applicants should respond. And
check your email back for response within 24 hours…… and i will
like you to reply your EMPLOYMENT  APPLICATION  FORM to this email
address below


Mr.Kevin Qu


Beijing Richman International Trade Co.,Ltd
Registered Nos. 01424399 and 2355834

6 thoughts on “Re: Job Offer

  1. Reply Kathy Mar 3,2010 1:50 am

    Dear Sir and Madam,

    Above “job offer” letter is 100% a spam email, when you wire people you will ask people send money to you first? It’s impossible, how can you believe that letter?

    And it’s also very simple to find this is a lie email, when you search Beijing Richman Intl(, you will find on their homepage they had already make a declaration on their website to declare somebody is using their company name to lie people.

    Do more search and find more before you wire out the money!

  2. Reply Albert Apr 19,2009 3:33 pm

    I have the same problem! I applied for this job and then what happens? £1000 is in my bank account! Then I look in the internet and see this and the same letter and name. I contacted the person that sent me the £1000 and told him that he cant take the money out as I wont send the £900 back to him, then what does he said to me? He says that I must sent the money to him or I will get a custodial sentence in jail of 4 years. I insisted with him that he can take the money as I wont touch that money of my bank account then he keeps insisting that I am a thef! I am not not thef! I seen tthis post and i acted upon it and he wont take the money out of my bank account! So what do you guys think I should do?

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  4. Reply Antranik Mar 11,2009 3:34 am

    I am currently getting similiar emails about job offers and i am tempted.

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  6. Reply Andrew Roberts Feb 10,2009 6:17 pm

    I fell for this scam and I feel sick to the stomach for it.They transfer money,as soon as it has been paid to them they recall the payment and there’s nothing you can do about it!!!Police can’t help me,my bank either.I now have to repay the bank £1000 because I was an idiot and believed something that sounded brilliant really was,when actually its a pile of rubbish.Don’t be as dull as me..delete it or report it.


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