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I’ve had so many scam emails from “Mr Jeffery James Dean” that the Euro Lottery would be bankrupt – if any of the emails were true.  Which they aren’t.  “Mr Dean” is a scammer who is hoping to take money from you by charging you fees.

Good day,

My name is Mr. Jeffery James Dean; I work in the Euro Lottery. I am
soliciting your assistance for a swift transfer of £4,528,000.00 GBP,
should you be willing to assist me in this project, and you will be giving
me just 25% of your winnings.

Just as a brief, you just have to register online; due to my position in
the company I can make it happen that you would be a winner of the above
stated amount. Naturally, every body would like to play a lottery if they
are assured of winning. I am assuring you today to be a winner, please do
not take for granted this once in a life time opportunity as we both stand
to collectively gain from this at the success of the transaction.

Should you be willing to assist me in this transaction please do respond

Mr.Jeffery James Dean

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  1. Reply basma Jan 8,2011 1:01 pm


    tout d’abord, je m’excuse d’avoir vous écrire en françai.
    j’ai lu votre message, c’est le meme que j’ai reçu ça fait 15 jours. je sais pas si c’est vrai ou faut, mais j’ai payé les 630GBP et j’ai encore rien reçu

  2. Reply rosetrees Dec 7,2010 9:44 pm

    @ Afzal – please read the paragraph in large letters and bold type at the top of every page of this site

  3. Reply afzal khan Dec 7,2010 6:43 pm

    please tell me via mail that is true or not..

    Dear client,
    I am in receipt of your e-mail in which you have indicated your interest in my legal assistance.
    Following the content of your correspondence/documents and the information received from
    Yorkshire Bank I have been able to confirm that you are truly one of the proud winners from the
    Google Lottery Board, let me say Congratulations!!!

    I understand your prize is currently lodged in Yorkshire Bank awaiting remittance and you have
    been asked to provide the Affidavit of claim and Letter of Transfer Authorization in order for
    them to proceed with your prize remittance.

    First and foremost, In order for me to apply and obtain the Affidavit of claim and Letter of
    authorization from Supreme court, you will have to give me the POWER to act on your behalf
    as your Attorney by signing a Power of Attorney document because these documents are
    only obtained by the beneficiary(you) or beneficiary’s Attorney. Power of Attorney is a legal
    instrument that is used to delegate legal authority to a Barrister/Lawyer in legal transactions
    where the principal (you) cannot be present to procure/ sign necessary legal documents.

    In-line with the above, I have drafted a Power of Attorney document which I have attached (as
    PDF file) along with this letter. You have to print it out, fill and send it back via e-mail as soon
    as possible. The attached document will empower me to obtain the two documents at Supreme
    Court on your behalf without any difficulties, without the document I cannot legally act on your
    Reference to this, I wish to state below the required logistics to facilitate me in applying/
    procuring the Affidavit of claim and Letter of Authorization from the British Supreme Court.

    Necessary processing Fee Analysis
    1. Application fee – £480 British Pounds.
    2. Oath Fee/Stamp duties (endorsement): £150 British Pounds.
    Total Processing = £630 GBP (Six hundred and thirty British pounds sterling)

    Important Note: Jeffery Dean’s Chamber can only accomplish your request when the above
    stated processing fee is met as required by the Supreme Court. The above processing fee (£630
    GBP) must be paid to Supreme Court and confirmations sent to me before I can proceed to
    Supreme Court and commence your job.

    For your early information, the total fee above is not deductible from your prize money in
    Yorkshire Bank because our chamber has no access, withdrawal or deduction right over your
    prize money in the Bank. Besides, the Yorkshire does not have any right to temper or clear your
    cheque of £500,000 GBP without the Affidavit and Letter of Authorization. As stipulated in the
    working guideline given to these chambers by the Yorkshire Bank, you are to take responsibility
    of the above processing fee if we must be at your service.

    The duration of preparing all relevant documents from the Judiciary Supreme Court normally
    take maximum of 24hours if the necessary fees are met on time. Therefore, you are advised
    to send the application & Oath Fee/Stamp duties Fee (£630 GBP) via Western Union Money
    transfer immediately to the commissioner of Oath (Mrs. Mary A. Cole.) with the information
    ________ ______________________________

    ADDRESS: Supreme Court, parliament square London

    Sw1p 3bd, United Kingdom.

    AMOUNT TO SEND: £ 630 GBP (Six hundred and thirty British pounds)

    Just copy of the above information and take it to Western Union agent close to you, this
    information will be needed for the transfer to be done to the Supreme Court commissioner of
    Oath. Once the payment has been done, Endeavour to send the following information to me:

    1- MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number):
    2- Sender’s name and address:
    3- Scan copy of Western Union Transfer slip(Payment Slip)

    Please Note again: I am currently planning a trip to Netherlands next week Thursday for some
    official assignment; you better let me know when the above payment will reach me after the
    receipt of this information so I may know what to do as regard my traveling plan. The earlier I
    get your positive response the better for you.

    I have also attached along this letter a copy of the Supreme Court “Affidavit Application form”
    (as PDF file), you are required to print the form out as well, fill correctly and return it to me. A
    Copy of the Power of Attorney document (filled copy) must be forwarded to Yorkshire Bank for
    documentation /future reference.

    Best Regard
    Barr Jeffery Dean
    (Principal Partner)L.L.B

  4. Reply Tracy Curran Aug 29,2009 10:47 am

    I also received an email from Jeffery Dean but have not paid any fees as yet. I did register online but that is as far as I have gone so far. I thought it was to good to be true but as I am not out of pocket as yet and do not intend to be.


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