Microsoft Award Email Winner No: 2 1

This email was sent to “undisclosed recipients”.  In other words it was sent to lots of people.  Do you suppose we’ve all won £500k?  No, you don’t really, do you.  This is just a scam.  The scammer wants to get rich by charging you fees for your non existent win.

Delete the email and don’t reply.

Your E-mail Address won £500,000 pound sterlings it has been insured and
ready for pay out.Contact your claims administrator with your Name,Tel,Age
and Country,Administrator Name:

One comment on “Microsoft Award Email Winner No: 2

  1. Reply Security Warning May 1,2009 7:58 pm of webaddress

    Web address is a full working website of a false company. These are most common and used as ‘Fronts’ for fraudulant and deceptive crimes. We warn all users of Microsoft services to be alert to this scam and to be extremely careful with personal information. You will never be asked for personal information or be requested to email personal information to any Microsoft Address, both web or e-mail. When Microsoft are running competitions you would be required to personally enter, your information is never automaticly entered.

    Should you grow concerned about the security of your e-mail or personal information you may seek security advice on the official Microsoft Website at


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