This is one of the most elaborate scams I’ve seen for a long time.  The scammer must have spent hours setting up their scam website and clearly has skills that could be put to much better use.

The domain name was registered on 11th December this year (2011).  A quick internet search shows several sites with an identical design and identical content.  I think some of them might be real as their product links work.  They also DON’T contain the link for the fake “promo-11”.

If you log-in to the scam site, using the information given, the scammer asks you to “Endeavour to send a scanned copy of your identity card (Driver’s License orInternational passport OR National Id card OR work id ) send any of the required identification to your claims agent email on”.  There is a long form for you to fill in.

I’d guess that if you fill in the form the scammer or one his accomplices will phone you and try to bully you into sending them money to pay for “fees.

Definitely ignore this one.

Dear eMail User,

This is to immediately inform you that your email address with Micros ID DXJ801-DYC-T7UB-0VT has won you $550,000 and a brand new Range Rover SUV.Use the details below to login and immediately begin your claims.

WEBSITE : http://tungshanyaxin.biz

Tang Shun Natsuko