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A couple of days ago I received the following text on my mobile phone:

“URGENT you are owed £3350 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit www.ppinomore.com to claim, thank  you” “

Clearly this is a scam.

a) as I have filled in no paperwork nor been asked any questions the sender cannot have any idea how much PPI I am due to be refunded

b)  I have never taken out PPI and therefore am owed nothing

c)  The coward is using a mobile phone number to send out these scam texts.

The organisation’s website claims that their ” partners are regulated by the Ministry of Justice in respect of regulated claims management activities”.  I have reported them to the Ministry of Justice.

Ignore them if you receive a similar text.

Update 1 Oct 2012 – some helpful info here on how to deal with unwanted PPI calls http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2211214/Is-end-unwanted-texts-PPI-firms-Two-men-face-250-000-fine-sending-millions-messages.html

A couple of days ago I received the following text on my mobile phone: ““URGENT you are owed £3350 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit www.ppinomore.com to claim, thank  you” “ Clearly this is a scam. a) as I have filled in no paperwork nor been asked…

A couple of days ago I received the following text on my mobile phone: ““URGENT you are owed £3350 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit www.ppinomore.com to claim, thank  you” “ Clearly this is a scam. a) as I have filled in no paperwork nor been asked…

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  1. i got this massage URGENT YOU ARE OWED £3350 FOR THE PPI YOU TOOK OUT TIME IS RUNNING OUT TO CLAIM, PLEASE VISIT www. ppirelief.com to claim thank you.To opt out reply STOP.HOW CAN I STOP THIS MASSAGE????? Tell me please:)

  2. Just noticed, if you fill out the contact form, when you submit it you are immediately directed to https:/ /www.homeworkers.tv/ (not a good sign) and this site is registered by:-
    Venture i. S.A
    – – ()
    50th Street, Global Plaza Tower 19th Floor, Suite H
    Panama City, -, pa –

    Who also also registerd ppinomore.com

    Filling in any real details here would put your bank balance and sanity in serious trouble. TOTAL SCAM. Running from the Far East.

  3. Definately the same people, they are stoopid enough to even put that the site is copyright by ppinomore.com. Indian contact details
    586, Park Towers,
    Block 26, P.E.C.H.S.,

    And website registration in Malaysia:-
    Lot 2-1,
    Incubator 1,
    Technology Park Malaysia,
    Bukit Jalil,
    Kuala Lumpur,
    Wilayah Persekutuan,
    Malaysia 57000

    Report them to the Ministry of Justice and the Information Commissioners Office. Email addresses are:-

    consumer@claimsregulation.gov.uk and casework@ico.gsi.gov.uk

    This is illegal financial services in the UK as they are not registered or controlled if they run away with all of your cash (and let’s face it, website registered in Malaysia and a contact address in India, what do you think will happen) there will be no way they can be chased. Avoid them at all costs.

  4. Just got the same txt from 07788264065. Different url though
    URGENT you are owed £3350 for the PPI you took out, time is running out to claim, please visit http:/ /youhaveppi.com to claim, thank you. To opt out reply STOP.

  5. Just out of interest I reported both http://www.ppinomore.com and http://www.ppinomore.co.uk (same stuff on both sites) to the Information Commissioners Office a few days ago, had a reply today saying they were aware of these sites and were “taking appropriate action” as they are not licensed to offer PPI recovery services in the UK, just checked both sites and they are down, chalk one up to the ICO by the look of it. Hurray !!!!!

  6. i also keep getting texts from +447788264065 saying im owed £3350 for the ppi i took out time is running out please claim then they go on to say to opt out reply STOP to the number above it is obvious to me that this is a scam as i am skint as a rat and have never had enough money to take out the ppi where they have got my number from is behond me and they will take a payment off my phone somehow if i did reply i would love to know how they do it.

  7. Oh dear here we go again. This time from 07867366938 but still same urgent message and £3350 and visit the same web address.

  8. i got a textfriday the 5th of october saying iam owed £3350 in ppi i applyed for ppi but iam not owed anything

  9. i have had at least 3 texts telling me i am owed the same amount,£3350
    from +447788209043 how have they got my mobile nos ? plus how stupid do these people think we are.

  10. just had the same txt, same amount as well…i got bipolar disorder and things like this play on your mind, very confusing and messes your head up…x

  11. I also received this text claiming I’m due £3350 and ones regarding personal injury claims. I have no idea how ‘they’ got my number as I’m very careful who actually does have access to it. I have also received emails claiming to be from some foreign person begging me for money or to send funds to a website for unfortunate children abroad. I have enough junk mail through the post without the need for this!!

  12. I also have had many texts from this and other similar companies telling me they have details of my PPI/personal injury payout, seems I must be a very accident prone person that spends a lot of money on insuring my Tesco shopping.
    Mobile phone companies are seemingly trying to do the right thing by getting you to forward these messages onto them so they can prevent and/or block them.
    Forward these messages to 7726 (spells spam) or 87726 if your on Vodafone. Don’t forget to add the phone number of the offending text with the forward.
    Full details at http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/phones/stop-spam-texts

  13. The website also gives the address as in pakistan, dont be surprised if they get money from the information you give if it goes towards funding terrorism

  14. I have received numerous texts like this, today’s from +447502229052 with URGENT you are owed £3350 for ppi you took out from http://www.ppinomore.com sent them stiff message about privacy and stuff, then contacted Ofcom and ICO filling in form now to report them. Their office is registered here PPI-Today586, Park Towers,Block 26, P.E.C.H.S.,Shahrah-e-Faisal,Karachi yet they use an UK O2 SIM to make the texts.

  15. Have just had my tenth text re PPi Monies owed to me, 2 from ppinomore.com so far.
    Agree with Steve above mobile companies need to be put under pressure NOT to relaease numbers and fined if they do
    My Numbers:
    28.9.2012, Number 07827 838049, Amount £3,350, to claim visit: http://www.ppinomore.com

    30.8.2012 Number 07795 608619, Amount £3350, to claim visit: http://www.ppinomore.com

  16. The bigger question is why don’t the mobile networks put in anti-spam measures like hotmail google yahoo etc? Could it be that it’s because they make a lot of money from it? Same with conventional junk mail. Always follow the money.

  17. Had the same type of e-mail but the number is not the same as the one you have I have this number I have got +447867335998

  18. I keep getting calls and texts – how can they pretend to know how much I am owed?
    I am retired bank staff and had no need to buy this stuff. Also, I used to get hassle because I was not selling enough of this, but I knew when it was not appropriate, would not try to sell it and now resent people effectively bad-mouthing folk like me and my former colleagues to earn a fast buck.

  19. Just had same message. Tired of receiving ppi messages. Is there no way of stopping this harrassment?

  20. What a total joke !
    There must be a way this can be stopped ?
    I just got the text to and we all seem to be owed £3,350.00 !!!!!

    Mt parents must get around five phone calls a day on the home phone regarding PPI
    It is starting to get her down and most of the time it is a recorded message !
    Can anyone help ?

  21. Just got the same message from this number 07788 209043 – it is clearly a SCAM! no information about the company on their website, even no contact details..

  22. Received the same text from +447867335372.
    Clearly trying to contact them yields nothing. How do you report them?

  23. Oh my God can anybody stop that??? I was so worried that I need to pay that shit. Why would they do that??
    Anyway thanks for this comments.

  24. Woohoo…anyone got an address for ths mob, as feel in need to administer some attitude adjustment.

    Funny how my phone contract is coming to an end and I have decided not to renew with that particular company and now getting soo much junk calls and texts. Probably just coincidence.

  25. Hi, I have swearing at people on house phone for ringing me for PPI . Who give you money for free in this country..you only pay pay and pay nothing free..since then all my phone stop and today a text messy saying same text as everyone. I though this must be true but NO…ONLY SCAM. As usual

  26. I have recieved several texts with exactly the same amount of £3350.
    There is another mobile number to add to the above list being 07795554040.

  27. I had the same message from 0754436916 I was owed £3350! I also got a phone call from 01933698538 from a woman asking me to phone back.This was 11.22am 28th September 2012. Have deleted.

  28. Thank you so much! I receive the text now and your post was just what I needed.
    It is good to know the there are nice persons who can advise on the web.

  29. Im glad i found this, i’ve been getting the exact same text messages from number ending 317298, URGENT time is running out to claim, NOT!!!

  30. Thanks for the warning. I have had the same message, for the same amount (funny how they know, isn’t it?). I’ve had this several times but just ignored it. This time decided to do something about it.

  31. I got one ‘due to new legislation, those struggling with debt can now apply to have it written off’ text INFO for more or to opt out text stop.’
    This is a pretty weak scam as scams go.

  32. Yes me to.. had two text messages one last week saying £3350, and another this week asking me to go on line so they can send me the paperwork!!surely someone must be monitoring these scams;

  33. Got the same message another £3500 from phone number 447824338962
    with all this money I am owed I’ll be able to retire to the Bahamas soon. HaHa

  34. text from 447584436916, bullshit ppi scam, never had ppi, unsolicited text claiming knowledge, how do these people get their sites reviewed on th net, they’re clearly scammers?

  35. Thanks for that. I just received the same message so first i decided to check online and i found you, Thank you again for warning

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