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Mr Georgeou tells me he can lend between $5k and £9m.  He tells me nothing about his company, their accreditations or their experience.  Do you really think a genuine financial lender, offering to lend up to $9m would use a hotmail email address????  Of course they wouldn’t.

Mr Georgeou doesn’t want to lend you anything – he wants to charge you lots of fees to set up your (non-existent) loan.

If you are in financial difficulty, don’t approach a non-accredited money lender.  Approach your local credit union, talk to your bank or see an accredited and recommended financial advisor.

Get Your Urgent Business/Personal Loan For 5% $$$???

This is to notify the general public that Mr. George Georgeou has
opened an opportunity to every one in need of any financial aid.
we offer loans to individual that  are in need of financial
assistance for business purposes, minimum of $5,000.00 or it’s
equivalent in Euros and a maximum of $9,000,000.00 or it’s
equivalent in Euros, all interested applicant should contact our
Address: 88 Digeni Akrita Ave.
& 36 Kypranoros Str., 1061 Nicosia
P.O. BOX: 25400
PH: +35796319334

NOTE: This offer is a blessed and open offer for all serious
minded individual, firms and companies who may wish to get a loan
for mortgage and to establish new business.

We offer the following loan category;
* Personal Loan
* Business Loan
* Home equity Loan
* Debt Consolidation Loan

Fill below if you are interested in our offer;
(1) Full Names:
(2) Contact/Mailing Address:
(3) State/Country:
(4) Amount needed as loan:
(5) Loan duration:
(6) Occupation:
(7) Phone number:
(8) Monthly Income:

The information supplied are strictly confidential and will only
be used for the purpose to which it is been requested. NOTE: We
shall be expecting your response as soon as you get this message.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.