If you read the bbc story quoted in that link below you will see that all the money found in 2003 was either a) sent for safe keeping or b) stolen.

This scammer seems to be pretending to be one of the thieves. Would you trust a thief and a scammer??? I hope not.

This scammer doesn’t have a “huge amount of money”. The only money she is interested in is yours – which she is hoping you will start sending her when she demands that you pay “fees”. Ignore her.

I am Mrs. Ruth Cole, of (Appva) Peace Keepers stationed in Iraq, Due to the financial melt down, I have a proposal for you, and it will be of immense benefit to both of us. I am in possession of huge amount of money, the funds were found in a container here in Iraq, there is no trace up till now, before I go further please see confirmation news from bbc below:


I want to know if you will be capable of receiving these funds, I will send you further details/information as soon as i receive your response, Note that if we both collaborate and share the proceeds 60/40. Your part would be to receive the funds as the beneficiary and I will prepare the required documents and in just day’s the funds would be transferred to you. Please reply this mail stating full name, age and phone details, and country of residence if interested. So I can start the claims process as we build a mutual trust.
Many thanks in advance as I look forward to our partnership and trust.
Mrs. Ruth Cole.