I’ve often said that loan scammers are the thickest and most stupid of all the readers of this site. They are the ones who think it is a good idea to leave their scam loan offers as a comment on a blog about scams!!!

Mr Bello Smithy is no exception.  He left his scam offer as a comment, but I’ve promoted him to a post of his very own.  As you can see from his ip address, he is in Nigeria.

The only money he is interested in is yours, which he will happily take from you when he starts asking you to send money to pay fees.  Ignore him

Author : MR. BELLO SMITH (IP: ,
E-mail : macroloanfirm.everyday@gmail.com
Whois : http://whois.arin.net/rest/ip/
Gets good money lending service today that is reliable,safe ,filtered
by International Loan Agency and also Tested and Trusted will give out loan for
Any purposes, if you are really in need of a loan, just let me know
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If you are faced with stress in the acquisition of a loan that make you
Have sleepless night? Or you have been disappointed by your bank?
Did you need a personal loan to secure a home, car and evaluate the finances?

Contact name: Mr Bello Smithy for his service is strictly for workers/those
that do day to day work at least 20 hours and students charity.

Note: We offer only Commercial /Small Business Administrative loans(SBA),
Personal /Residential and Mortgage loan at 1.3% interest; apply for a Minimum
of $2000.00 to a Maximum of $5,000,000.00. Interested applicants should please
contact Us via email:macroloanfirm.everyday@gmail.com

Try and see your self, for our wonderful services that does not exceed 2
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Upon your interested response you would be required to send down the following