Your new mails has been placed on hold!!

Apparently I’ve changed my name to “info”. 

Nobody’s “system” has detected “unusual activities on your account”.  This email doesn’t even tell you who is supposed to have sent it.

I’m guessing that if you click on the link you will be taken to a fake website and asked to enter your email address and password. 

If you have accidentally done this, change your password immediately so that the scammers do not have access to your email.

Dear info

All your incoming mails has been placed on hold ,  due to our system detects unusual activities on your account

which violate our usage policy, your email has been blacklisted, and will be terminated if proper steps are taken. 

To ensure account safety please  Click Here to unblock your mailbox and to remove your email from blacklist immediately .

Please note: This service if free no charges apply.

System will now wait for few hours if above step is not taken, your account will be deleted and you 

will no longer have access to your mailbox, all files and folders associated to your email account will be lost.


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